Tackling climate change: UN welcomes Algeria's efforts

ALGIERS- Resident Coordinator of the UN system in Algeria Eric Overvest on Monday congratulated Algeria for its “commitment” and “leadership” in the fight against climate change,
by renewing UN agencies’ determination to back State members in this respect.
The UN official made the comment in a regional workshop bringing together African experts developing national inventories of greenhouse gas, held in Algiers to discuss ways and methods to improve control of the technical aspects of the transparency arrangements relating to the inventories.
He also greeted “Algeria’s clear desire to continue support of Africa and the world in combatting climate change.”
Noting that 1980 and 2018 drought in Africa has killed more people than the other climate disasters did worldwide, Overvest said climate change effects, to which the continent is vulnerable, may curb African countries’ progress towards the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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