Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco has embarked on a new phase of escalation regarding its provocative behaviour towards Algeria. These new provocations have recently been expressed through the plan to confiscate the premises of the Algerian Embassy in Morocco.

Algeria believes that this is an unspeakable violation of the respect and duty to protect the diplomatic representations of sovereign States, as enshrined in international law and custom.

The Moroccan plan, which runs counter to international civilized practices, is a serious breach of the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which requires it to respect and protect embassies on its territory, whatever the circumstances.

Algeria strongly condemns this despoilment, and it also denounces its illegality and incompatibility with the duties that every member state of the international community must assume with rigour and responsibility.

The Algerian government will respond to these provocations by any appropriate means. Likewise, it will use all available legal means, particularly within the United Nations framework, to ensure that its interests are respected.

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