SG of Arab Theatre Institute hails success of Oran Festival

APS : Thursday, 19 January 2017
ORAN (Algeria)-Secretary General of the Arab Theatre Institute Ismail Abdallah hailed Wednesday evening in Oran the success of the 9th edition of the Arab Theatre Festival in Algeria, which took place between 10 and 19 January in the provinces of Oran and Mostaganem.
In a joint press conference with the Director General of the National Office of Information and Culture (ONCI) Lakhdar Bentorki and the governor of Oran Abdelghani Zaalane, Abdallah stressed “this edition was successful on all levels, marked by a perfect organization the rich activities and programs.”
Held simultaneously in two provinces in ten days rather than six like precedent editions, this year’s festival fulfilled its promises and managed to achieve the expected goals, he said.
Abdallah also highlighted the quality of conferences held during the festival and the participation of Algerian and foreign intellectuals, dramatists and artists.
“Although this Festival aims to discover quality works, we must help ambitious artists whom we need to present new models,” he added.

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