Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture 2016, opportunity to step up Algerian-Tunisian cultural cooperation

APS : Wednesday, 20 April 2016
CONSTANTINE (Algeria)- Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture 2016 event is “an opportunity to deepen cultural cooperation, already fruitful, between Algeria and Tunisia,”
said Tuesday, in Constantine, Tunisia’s minister of Culture and Protection of Heritage, Sonia Mbarek, and the minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi.
Speaking at the ceremony held to pass on the torch of the Arab Culture Capital event to Sfax, Tunisia, which handed over from Constantine (431-km east of Algiers), at Ahmed-Bey movie theatre, the ministers said the two countries share “whole chapters of history and common culture and customs,” to be boosted during the Sfax event, which will kick off in a few weeks (July 2016).
Mihoubi, who expressed happiness for the success of Constantine, Capital of Arab Culture 2015, said he was confident of the success of “Sfax, Capital of Arab Culture 2016.”
The event, through culture and arts, will mark “reconciliation between Massinissa, Syphax and Cirta with Carthage.”
The designation of the city of Sfax to host the event is a kind of extension of Constantine’s event, Mihoubi said, stressing the common history between the two countries and its impact on the Maghreb.
Tunisia’s Culture minister, who underlined the events that marked the common history between the two countries, from the era of Jugurtha to Sakiet Sidi Youssef, said the event will establish “another link” for stronger cooperation among the different players towards the rebirth of an Arab culture.

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