Polaschik: Constantine, ideal city to build solid exchange bridge between US and Algeria

APS : Thursday, 24 March 2016
CONSTANTINE-Ambassador of United States to Algiers Joan A. Polaschik stressed Wednesday in Algiers that Constantine is the ideal city to create “a solid exchange bridge between US and Algeria.
“Algeria experiences impressive cultural development and the United States of America considers strengthening cultural relations between the two countries as priority,” said the ambassador at a press conference. She announced the opening Thursday of the US cultural week in Constantine, as part of the event “Constantine, capital of Arab culture 2015.”
After dubbing “special” the US participation in this major cultural event, Polaschik stressed that the US “deeply respects diversity.”
She added that diversity “is the gist of American power.”
Speaking about cultural relations between the two countries, she highlighted the development of cultural exchanges and recalled that in 2015, 350 Algerians have travelled to the U.S. on exchange and training programs, and English learning partnerships have been inked with 23 schools.
The number of scholarships granted to young Algerians widens year by year, she affirmed.
Named “Taste of America”, the US cultural week in the town of bridges includes many rich and diversified activities.
An Arab-American musical show recounting the contribution of the Arab-Muslim civilisation to science, medicine, decorative arts and this history of Arab-American people will be held on this occasion, in addition to meetings of experts in museum education and American experts in Maghreb history.
Besides, English learning sessions will be delivered to children and young people through movies and music workshops.
Scheduled between 25 and 28 March at Ahmed Bey concert hall, “Taste of America” cultural week also includes American jazz concerts hosted by American group of jazz and blues “Circular Time.”

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