Opening in Algiers of “Afac Film Week 2018”


APS : Sunday, 09 September 2018

ALGIERS – The 8th “Afac Film Week 2018”, an event aiming the screening of a dozen films from six Arab countries was inaugurated Saturday in Algiers. Palestinian Mai Masri’s film “3000 nights” opened the event.

Organized by the National Office for Culture and Information (Onci) in partnership with the association “Cunivers,” this event which is held at Algiers Atlas Theatre brings together films supported by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (Afac ).

The “3000 nights” movie of 103 minutes, released in 2015 tells the story of Iman, a young Palestinian teacher jailed in an Israeli prison for 3000 nights.
Wrongly imprisoned, the newly married teacher gave birth to her first child behind bars and shows alone the injustice of the Israeli occupation.

“Afac Film Week” is an annual and travelling film event that takes place every year in an Arab city in order to promote the latest productions of the region. The event continues until 10 September.

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