Justice cooperation: Algeria, Hungary ink MoU

APS : Sunday, 08 November 2015
ALGIERS- Algeria and Hungary on Sunday here signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of justice, with the aim of reinforcing the already existing cooperation in the sector between the two countries.
The MoU, signed by Minister of Justice Tayeb Louh and his counterpart from Hungary Laszlo Tcrocsanyi, follows the legal mutual assistance convention concluded between the two countries on 7 February 1976.
Louh underlined that the signature of this MoU “reflects Algeria’s desire to hoist the justice reform launched a few years ago to an overall vision including the international dimension.”
Affirming that the Algerian Hungarian legal cooperation “doesn’t face any particular difficulty,” the minister stressed the need for reinforcing further this cooperation.
“Tcrocsanyi’s visit is undoubtedly an essential step towards the evolution of those relations and marks the commitment of Algeria and Hungary to build a strong and lasting relation,” he said.
Louh added that his ministry is ready to engage “reflection so to consider all initiatives in the fields of the fight against the cross-border crime and the exchange of experience in terms of training and justice modernization.”
The minister underlined that the challenges facing Algeria and Hungary “impose on both ministries’ to strengthen their cooperation to combat the organized crime, terrorism and drug trafficking.”
As for him, Hungarian minister said that the relation between Algeria and Hungary “has always been marked by mutual confidence,” noting that his visit to Algeria “aims at giving impetus” to this relation.
In this regard, he underlined the importance of sharing experiences and the common fight against all forms of crime.

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