International Arab Film Festival opens in Oran

APS : Saturday, 23 July 2016
ORAN (Algeria)- The ninth International Arab Film Festival of Oran (FIOFA) opened Thursday evening in the presence of Minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi.
The opening ceremony at the Abdelkader Alloula Theatre in Oran (432-km west of Algiers) “was attended by a number of Arab cinema superstars, including Aymen Zidane from Syria, Dalia Mostafa from Egypt, Youcef El Khal from Lebanon and Fawzi Saichi from Algeria.
The event is distinguished by the presence of Mujaheed (national liberation war veteran) Yacef Saadi, who played in Italian Gillo Pontecorvo’s famous movie “the Battle of Algiers” (1966).
Films from 14 Arab countries will compete for the Golden Lion of Oran’s festival, to run until July 27.
Twelve feature-length films, 12 short films and 10 documentaries are competing in the Arab cultural event.

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