Hamza Bounoua partakes in Contemporary Arab Art exhibition in Doha

APS : Tuesday, 17 January 2017
ALGIERS-Algerian visual artist Hamza Bounoua partakes in the Contemporary Arab Art collective exhibition that has opened Tuesday in Doha, said local press.
Held by “Al Markhya” gallery, this exhibition, which will last until 11 March, gathers ten visual artists including Bahraini Jamel Abderrahim, Syrian Zahed Tajeddine, Egyptian Amrou Kefraoui and Iraqi Ismaïl Azzam.
Hamza Bounoua, who has already partaken in many exhibitions held by “Al Markhya” gallery, is one of the most famous Arab contemporary visual artists that use Arabic sign and calligraphy in abstract semantics.
Hamza graduated from the Algiers Fine Arts Institute and draws inspiration from the Islamic heritage. He exhibited his works in many countries including Kuwait, Brazil, Canada, Jordan and Bosnia.
According to organizers, this exhibition is devoted to the 3rd art and the various representing this art in Arab countries.

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