Gipsy.CZ performs in Algiers as part of 17th European Cultural Festival

APS : Monday, 16 May 2016
ALGIERS- Romani Hip Hop group “Gipsy.CZ” hosted Sunday evening, in Algiers, an authentic and modern concert
in a mix of styles where polka, dance, rap and hip hop rhythms, subject to digital technology, mixed with gypsy tones and tunes given by the accordion and the violin.
Representing the Czech Republic as part of the 17th European Cultural Festival in Algeria, which opened on 9 May, the Gipsy.CZ, who is in Algiers for the second time performed at the Ibn Zeydoun Hall, in Riad Al Fath (Oref) in front of an enthusiastic audience.
In a festive atmosphere, the group performed about fifteen pieces in Czech by the singer, also at the control of a programmable rhythm box, Radek Banga, from the “Roma” (a nomadic ethnic group living mostly in Europe and the Americas, originating from northern regions of the Indian subcontinent).
Speaking to the public in English, the group’s performer, also author and composer, presented each piece before singing it in short explanations.

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