Iranian minister of culture calls for strengthening of relations between Iran, Algeria

APS :Tuesday, 13 December 2016
TEHRAN (Iran)- The Iranian minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Reza Salehi Amiri underlined Monday, in Tehran (Iran), the importance to strengthen and expand cooperation between Algeria and Iran in the cultural field especially, since the will between the two parties already exists.
In an audience he granted to the minister of Culture Azzeddine Mihoubi, who is on a working visit to Iran as part of the Algerian cultural week, Reza Salehi Amiri said that it is necessary to expand dialogue between the two parties to define the areas of cooperation such as books, publishing, exhibitions and cinema.
“Culture allows deepening ties between the two people. For that, we will work in the long term to promote cooperation to a strategic level,” said the Iranian minister.
For his part, the Algerian minister of culture Azeddine Mihoubi highlighted the importance to work as part of a roadmap to strengthen cultural cooperation through the conclusion of conventions in various areas such as cinema, libraries, fine arts, restoration of manuscripts and the organization of specialized exhibitions and others, underlining the role of culture in bringing people together.
Speaking about the Algerian cultural week in Tehran, Mihoubi said that all the conditions must be met to promote Algerian culture through the wise choice of artists and programmes, expressing the wish that this cultural event could arouse the admiration of the Iranian crowd.
In addition, the two ministers called for cooperation between the two countries in international events through the organization of cinematographic exhibitions and works that highlight the true image of Islam.
Mihoubi visited the contemporary museum of Tehran (built in 1979) which includes painting of great foreign and Arab painters including Algerian artists such as Mohamed Khedda, Abdelkader Guermaz and Rachid Korichi
The Algerian cultural week started Monday, at the National Library of Tehran.

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