Fourteen countries at 9th International symphonic music festival

APS : Wednesday, 11 October 2017
ALGIERS-Fourteen countries including Italy, the guest of honour, will partake in the 9th International Symphonic Music Festival (FCIMS), scheduled for 14-18 October at the Opera of Algiers Boualem Bessaih,
Commissioner of the festival Abdelkader Bouazzara said Tuesday.
The bands representing the participating countries will take the stage over five days and will perform various repertories of universal music and opera at the rate of three concerts per evening.
Led by maestro Amine Kouider, who celebrates 25 years of artistic leadership of various international orchestras, will host the first inaugural show of this festival, accompanied by fifteen instrumentalists and there Italian vocalists.
The Italian band Arco Magico Chamber Orchestra will take the flour to host the second part of the inaugural show.
The lyrical and polyphonic voices will also be honoured during the shows performed by the Czech, Austrian, Mexican (with a traditional part), Japanese, Syrian and Russian bands.
The Tunisian National Orchestra will perform a dozen of songs of various composers of classical music, while Syria, represented by the Chamber Choir of the Higher Institute of Music, will perform some songs of the classical universal music and others belonging to the Algerian heritage.

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