FestivAlgerie wraps up with tribute to malouf legend Mohamed Tahar Fergani

APS : Monday, 26 December 2016
ALGIERS- The 11th International Festival of Andalusian and Old Musics (FestivAlgerie), devoted to the memory of the malouf music genre’s legend Mohamed Tahar Fergani, passed away recently, wrapped up Sunday evening in Algiers with a show performed before a large audience.
The memory of the great malouf master Mohamed Tahar Fergani, died on December 7 at the age of 88, was strongly honoured at the Opera of Algiers, through a series of tribute.
Tribute was paid to the late Fergani by Minister of Culture Azeddine Mihoubi as well as a number of artists who performed at the closing ceremony of the 11th FestivAlgerie.
The juniors of Algiers Regional Orchestra, made up of young talents from different Andalusian music associations, opened the orchestra show, before leaving the stage for their elders at the National Orchestra of Andalusian Music who accompanied singers Noureddine Saoudi, Toufik Touati and Brahim Hadj Kacem.
After the screening of a 30-minute documentary about the exceptional career of Mohamed Tahar Fergani, the minister of Culture, Azeddine Mihoubi, along with the 11th FestivAlgerie’s manager, Aissa Rahmaoui, paid homage to the late artist’s memory, handing over a honorific trophy to singer Toufik Touati, who represented Fergani family.
In addition to Algeria, represented by three musical groups and individual artists, the 11th FestivAlgerie, opened on December 20, featured artists and bands from about ten other countries.

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