Djelfa: Fossil discovery strengthens the region’s position on world archaeological map

APS : Monday, 04 February 2019
Djelfa (Algeria) -The prehistoric fossil bones recently discovered in Djelfa (275-km south of Algiers) will strengthen the region’s position on the national and world archeological map,
said Monday in Djelfa Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi.
During a presentation on the latest archaeological discoveries which has been given at the Ahmed Benbouzid Regional Theater in Djelfa, the minister praised the efforts of players who contributed to this discovery, notably the citizen who reported the presence of these fossils to the archaeologists of the National Center for Prehistoric, Anthropological and Historical Research (CNRPAH).
The minister also praised the coordination marking this operation, whose supervision was provided by the Province’s Directorate of Culture, under the leadership Governor Toufik Dhif.
“According to the primary results of the examination carried out by the CNRPAH experts, these fossilized remains of Prehistoric Animals reveal the presence of three young adult animals; a rhinoceros, a small horse and a small bovine,” said the minister of Culture.
“ According to the researchers, this discovery is of great importance as it will provide a chronological reference of the rock art in Djelfa, notably the rock sites bearing engravings of rhinoceros in Zeccar (30 km south of Djelfa),” added the Minister.

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