Covid-19: President Tebboune calls to mobilize necessary resources to support developing countries


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjdi Tebboune called Wednesday to mobilize the necessary resources to support the developing countries, notably in Africa, in their policy to manage the post-Covid-19 period,
by reducing debts and increasing investment financing in these countries.
In a speech, via video conference, in the World Summit of the International Labor Organization (ILO) on Covid-19 and the world of work, President Tebboune affirmed that “the African continent tops the countries affected materially by the coronavirus which threatens to deepen its vulnerability and weaken its development.”
In this respect, he called the United Nations system as well as international economic and financial institutions to mobilize the necessary resources to the developing countries, notably in Africa, in their policy aimed at managing the post-Covid-19 period by reducing debts and increasing the financing of investments in these countries.
President of the Republic considered that the “challenges that we will face in the next few years, oblige us to make sustained efforts to reach a concordance of views concerning the future of work and I remain convinced that we are able to reach this concordance, with a view to determining the ways likely to implement the objectives of the Declaration of the centenary of our Organization, which aims to ensure the social protection to all the workers, including the guarantee of basic rights at work with the prospect of enshrining the descent work.”

While reaffirming the commitment to all the issues relating to the world of labor, President of the Republic underlined that “our priority now is to work together to prevent the spread of this pandemic and preserve the lives of our fellow citizens, as well as to build job-generating economies, based on the principles of stability and social justice.”

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