Boukadoum calls Libyan belligerent to dialogue

APS : Saturday, 27 April 2019
TUNIS (Tunisia)- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum on Friday called the Libyan fighting parties to opt for a political solution to the country’s crisis.
Speaking at a news conference he held jointly with his Tunisian counterpart, Khemaies Jhinaoui, in Tunis, Boukadoum said the resumption of dialogue and negotiations among Libyans “remains the appropriate solution to put an end to hostilities and escalation, with the support of neighboring countries and international community.
The situation in Libya id the biggest challenge facing the region and is likely to threaten security and stability in Tunisia and Algeria, Boukadoum said.
Non-interference in the internal affairs of countries is a basic principle in Algeria’s foreign policy, Boukadoum said.
“It is inadmissible to stand idly by while a Maghreb capital is being bombarded.”
They agreed to set a date for a meeting between Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt as part of the tripartite initiative launched in February 2017 for an inclusive political settlement to Libya crisis.

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