Arab Capital: Symbolic passing of the torch from Constantine to Sfax

APS : Tuesday, 19 April 2016
ALGIERS- A ceremony marking the symbolic passing of the torch of the “Constantine, Arab Culture 2015” event to the Tunisian city of Sfax gathered Tuesday, in Algiers, the minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi and his Tunisian counterpart, Sonia Mbarek.
Sfax is the next capital of the Arab culture, after Constantine in 2015.
During the handover ceremony, Mihoubi said that he wanted “to establish a new tradition” between the cultural capitals, throw the passing of the event’s torch, dubbing the level of relations between and Algeria and Tunisia “exceptional on all levels.”
In this regard, the minister of Culture reiterated Algeria’s willingness to stand by Tunisia, which is exposed “to attempts threating its stability and the security of its people, who are tolerant and love life.”
The minister of Culture also held discussions with his Tunisian counterpart, Sonia Mbarek, on the need to increase relations between the two countries in the field of culture, in particular the opportunity to sign an agreement “to protect vestiges and archeological objects from thefts and smuggling.”
Speaking on the “Constantine, Capital Arab 2015” event, the Tunisian minister said that “Constantine was impressive with its good organization on all levels, making it the best of Arab capitals held until now.”

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