Algeria’s approach to peace restoration prioritizes dialogue


APS : Wednesday, 11 November 2015

RIYADH – Speaker of the National People’s Assembly (APN- Lower House) Mohamed Larbi Ould Khelifa declared Wednesday in Riyadh that the Algerian approach for restoring peace in the Sahel and in the world prioritizes dialogue, “far from any foreign interference or military intervention.”
“My country, convinced that it is of paramount importance to consolidate peace and security in the Sahel region and in the world, adopted the approach that privileges dialogue and the peaceful processes in the settlement of the regional crises and conflicts, far from the foreign interference or military intervention, which only serve to escalate the situation,” said in his speech the Lower House Speaker who represented President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in the 4th Arab-South American Summit.
“This vision proves to be fruitful in the resolving of the Malian crisis. Algeria hosted the Inter-Malian dialogue meetings which resulted in a comprehensive political solution and the signature by the Malian parties of the Peace and Reconciliation Accord in Bamako on 15 May 2015,” added Ould Khelifa.
“Aware of the security challenges of the Libyan crisis for the unity of the Libyan people and the territorial integrity of their country and driven by the neighborhood values it advocates, Algeria has not stopped working to bring closer the Libyan antagonists in coordination with the neighbor countries and the UN as part of the different mechanisms and meetings of the Libyan political parties under the UN special envoy,” he added.
After expressing “Algeria’s satisfaction with the formation of a national unity government in Libya,” Ould Khelifa underlined the determination of Algeria to “assist the new Libyan government and to support the Libyan people to achieving its aspirations in terms of freedom and democracy.”
“We would also emphasize our concern to preserve the unity, stability and sovereignty of Libya,” stressed the Speaker of the Lower House.

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