Algerian movies at 28th Carthage Film Festival

TUNIS-Twelve Algerian movies will be screened part of a special planning (out of competition) proposed by the organizers of the 28th Cartage Film Festival (JCC), during which the Algerian cinema will be honoured.
Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina’s “Crépuscule des ombres” (Twilight of shadows) will be the first movie screened part of this planning that will run from 4 until 11 November.
Released in 2014, Lakhdar Hamina’s movie relates a part of the history of the Algerian revolution and the horrors of collective crimes and bodily and psychological torture inflicted to prisoners.
In addition to the screening of movies, Algeria will be honoured through other arts including music concerts devoted to the music of movies. The show will be performed by the Algerian Symphonic Orchestra with the participation of Tunisian musician Amine Bouhafa.
Minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi received in 24 September Director of 28th JCC Nejib Ayed, who told the minister that Algeria would be the guest of honour of this edition part of a special planning.

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