Algerian culture exhibited at Moscow’s University

APS : Monday, 26 September 2016
MOSCOW- The Algerian culture, in its various facets, was presented by Algerian students in Russia on the occasion of the open days organized currently by the Peoples’ Friendship University of Moscow, bringing together about 8,000 students of 146 nationalities.
Local music, paintings and engravings representing the different regions of Algeria as well as handicrafts, tourist guides, and gypsum flowers were exhibited in the Pavilion Algeria to attract the visitors.
Dressed in traditional outfits, the Algerian students replied to the questions of the visitors who came to visit the space “Algeria.”
Representatives of the association of Algerians in Russia attended this event. “We are here to support the Algerian students. Our aim is to establish bridges between the Algerians of Moscow and their country,” the director of the association Aurés Tatiana Ould Ali told APS.
The event was also marked by the presence of countries such as Nigeria, Peru, Yemen, Guinea-Bissau, Kazakhstan and others.
At the beginning of every university year, the Peoples’ Friendship University organizes a cultural and pedagogical event to make the countries from which the students came known.

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