Algeria “strongly condemns” attacks in northern Burkina Faso

APS : Tuesday, 10 March 2020

ALGIERS- Algeria has strongly condemned the despicable attacks that targeted Sunday the local population of Dinguila and Barga in the north of Burkina Faso, resulting in several civilian casualties.
“We strongly condemn the despicable attacks targeting Sunday, 8 March 2020, the local population of Dinguila and Barga, in northern Burkina Faso, leaving many casualties among innocents civilians,” the spokesman of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abdelaziz Benali Cherif, told APS.
“We offer our condolences to the families of the victims of those despicable acts and we express, to both government and people of Burkina Faso, our full solidarity and support.”
“The repeated attacks against defenseless, isolated populations in Burkina Faso show, once more, the deadlock the bloodthirsty groups have reached,” the spokesman of the Foreign Affairs ministry stressed.
“We remain convinced that the determination and unity of Burkina Faso’s people will enable them to overcome this ordeal.”

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