About 100 participants in 2nd International Comics festival in Bejaia

APS : Saturday, 26 March 2016
BEJAIA- About a hundred participants took part Saturday, in Bejaia, in the opening of the 2nd International Comics festival held this year, under the theme of encouraging reading.
Organized by the Association for Culture Development of Bejaia, the event, in addition to the themed expositions, includes a multitude of entertainment, combining comic and Cosplay competitions, master classes, training, and games.
The event, which included the participation of the 2007 Cosplay World Champion in Japon, Isabelle Jeudy, essentially focuses on cosplay, which is a discipline in full development on the national level. Cosplay is basically a recreational impersonation of fictional characters.
Japanese comics, top of the list, are represented under all forms of artistic expressions, including Mangas and their Chinese or Korean derivates. However, the French-Belgian creation, such as that of Tintin, continues to jealously maintain its enthusiasts.
It is also the case for national comic artists and press cartoonists whose success is increasing.

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