9th International Symphonic Music Festival opens in Algiers

ALGIERS- The 9th International Symphonic Music Festival, which will be marked by the participation of 13 countries, including Italy as a guest of honour, kicked off on Saturday evening at the Opera of Algiers Boualem-Bessaih.
Conducted by maestro Amine Kouider, the National Symphonic Orchestra (OSN)- renamed the Orchestra of Algiers’ Opera-, accompanied by about twenty Italian instrumentalists and Lyric singers, revisited for one hour excerpts of “La Traviata,” one of the oldest and most famous works of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901).
In a musical fusion livened up by the Italian ensemble “Arco Magico Chamber Orchestra,” the members of the two groups presented “Poème symphonique,” a work in tribute to its composer and arranger the Algerian Rachid Saouli who died last September.
In addition to Algeria, thirteen countries including Tunisia, Syria, Germany, Japan and Mexico are participating in this festival which will be held until October 18 at the Opera of Algiers.

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