World Economic Forum: Messahel presents Algeria’s vision on conflict resolution

APS : Wednesday, 24 January 2018
DAVOS (Switzerland)- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel took part Tuesday, in Davos, as a representative of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in the World Economic Forum in which he presented Algeria’s vision on the resolution of conflicts and promotion of dialogue and reconciliation.
“Messahel, who participated as panellist in a session devoted to the examination of the situation in North Africa and the Middle East, presented the Algerian vision in terms of resolving the conflicts facing this region through the promotion of political solutions based on dialogue and national reconciliation,” said a communiqué of Foreign Affairs Ministry.
While broaching the situation in the region, he underlined that “the conflicts and crises had, at the economic level, already reduced by 50% the average rate of growth, recorded before 2011,” adding that these conflicts and crises “impede the high growth potential driven by the national development process, economic diversification, the structural reforms and the current improvement in the world growth.”
He underlined the fact that “the scourges of violent extremism, terrorism and transnational organized crime are shaking this region more than any others in the world.”
Citing a report of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), he said that “the Arab world, which hosts 5% of the world population, was already subjected, in 2014, to 45% of the world’s most serious attacks and reports 68.5% of deaths related to conflicts.”
Messahel pointed out that “these conflicts result in disruption in trust and stability in societies, weakening of cohesions and social fabrics, destruction of the foundation of social fellowship as well as the decline in fundamental values such as tolerance, moderation, dialogue and solidarity”, underlining that “they are dislocations that must be addressed, far from any foreign interference.”
He said that the region of North Africa and Middle East is facing other challenges which “are issues of crucial importance.”

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