Workshop on impact of security situation in Libya on neighbouring countries

APS : Tuesday, 24 January 2017
ALGIERS- A workshop on “the impact of security situation in Libya on border security of neighbouring countries” will open Wednesday in Algiers with the participation of representatives of the focal points of the African Centre of Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT).
The two day-meeting, which will be held at the CASRT headquarters, will focus on the challenges in the fight against terrorism, the efforts in the prevention of violent extremism and the action plans of the African Union member states, in the light of the security situation in Libya.
The participants will also examine means to strengthen border security and cope with the challenges resulting from the situation in Libya.
The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen border security cooperation between the AU member states concerned.
The meeting will bring together the representatives of ACSRT focal points of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Sudan and Niger, as well as a senior officer of a border security service of each member state, in addition to experts of ACSRT, African Union Border (AUBP), the International Migration Organization(IMO) and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), while representatives of Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso will participate as observers

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