Workshop in Algiers on “role of penal justice in fight against terrorism in Sahel region”


APS : Tuesday, 29 March 2016

ALGIERS – Algeria will host on Wednesday and Thursday in the Palace of Nations (Alger), a workshop of experts on “the role of penal justice in the fight against terrorism in the Sahel region,”
said Tuesday a communiqué of Foreign Ministry.
Algeria will host this workshop “as part of its participation to the works of Global Forum of Counterterrorism, of which it is a founding member, and as co-president with Canada of the working group on capacity building in Sahel countries,” the same source added.
The member countries of the Global Forum of Counterterrorism and the UN Security Council, as well as twelve countries of the Sahel and a dozen of international and regional organizations, like UN, the African Union, the European Union, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation partake in the workshop.
The agenda encompasses a wide range of issues notably “the international conventions and protocols applicable in the context of the fight against terrorism, the international efforts to eliminate the financing of terrorism and to criminalize demands and other preparatory acts of terrorism,” the statement added.
The workshop will be marked by “debates on legal frameworks of the countries and the defining of possible shortcomings in those frameworks so to draw suitable recommendations and promote the bilateral, regional and international cooperation,” said the same source.

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