"We have no alternative but dialogue," says Messahel

PARIS- Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said in Paris on Tuesday that “we have no alternative but dialogue” in the fight against terrorism, stressing that the “military victory” is not an end in itself.”
“We have no alternative but dialogue. The military victory is not an end in itself, but you have to win hearts,” said the minister during the debates at UNESCO after his intervention on the International Day of Living Together in Peace. He also outlined the Algerian experience in the fight against terrorism and de-radicalization.
“During the tragedy that Algeria went through during a decade, we lost about 200,000 of our citizens, but we succeeded,” he said, stressing that “there is always a life after terrorism and we live it today in peace.”
He explained to the audience that Algeria is a country where “views converge,” mentioning the role of Saint Augustin, a man of peace who marked the Church and the Emir Abdelkader contribution to protecting the Christians of Orient in Syria.
Moreover, Messahel has highlighted the important efforts made towards the school, as part of the counter-terrorism and de-radicalization policies, citing a quote from Cuban José Marti “the only way to be totally free is through education.”
Several speakers underlined the Algerian experience in terms of the fight against terrorism and de-radicalization through which Algeria undertook “efficient” policy of reconciliation.
Expressing their solidarity and support to Algeria, some have recommended drawing lessons of tolerance and dialogue on the Algerian experience.

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