Waste recovery: International show Revade to be held In October in Algiers

ALGIERS – The 2nd edition of the International Show of Waste Recovery and Recycling “Revade” will be held from 9 to 12 October at the Centre of Exhibition (Algiers), announced the Ministry of Commerce.
Dedicated to the collection, sorting, transport, treatment, recovery and recycling of waste, this Show is organized by the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI) in collaboration with the National Waste Agency ( AND) and SAFEX.
“Waste recovery and recycling, which was previously a purely environmental concern, has become an economic activity capable of generating financial value of DZD38 billion per year and consequently creating many direct and indirect jobs (7,600 jobs can be created in the PET sector which generates nearly 350,000 tonnes / year), “said the same source.
Recent statistics show that there is a market of some 300,000 tonnes per year of special waste (tires, used oils, batteries and 3E waste), of which only 150,000 tonnes are recovered and exploited.
About 16 companies are active in collecting and exporting waste oils.
There are also about 10 private companies that are activating in the recovery and upgrading of used tires and mainly realize road mats and aggregate whose market remains very promising, added the same source.
Besides, several American, French and South African companies have expressed their great interest in setting up industrial centers in the recycling of computer equipment.

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