US "values" Algeria’s support to UN peace process

APS : Thursday, 24 March 2016
CONSTANTINE (Algeria) – The US “values” Algeria support to the UN-initiated peace process,
said Wednesday in Constantine US Ambassador to Algeria, Joan A. Polaschik.
“Exchanges on this issue are constant between the two countries,” said the US diplomat in a news conference inaugurating the American Week of Culture as part of the event “Constantine, capital of Arab Culture 2015.”
The US “is grateful for the advices and the prospects of the Algerian diplomacy,” said the diplomat.
Noting that Algeria is “very important partner for the United States of America in the fight against terrorism and the promotion of the regional security,” Polaschik said that “Algeria has a long and difficult experience in the fight against terrorism and the US are grateful towards this country for the role played in talks on the peace agreement in Mali and its presidency of the Follow-up Committee of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, resulted from Algiers Process.”
Answering a question about the US stance regarding the Brussels attacks, the US ambassador declared that the fight against terrorism remains a “global fight” and that no country is spared by terrorist act.
About the intensification of the economic partnership between the two countries, in a particular conjuncture, the ambassador said that the US “upholds the Algerian efforts to diversify its economy.”
In this regard, she stressed that for her country and for the rest of the world, it is important that Algeria remains a “country of prosperity and stability.”
Algeria possesses “potentials in many fields” and the US ambition to intensify partnership with Algeria in various sectors.
Moreover, the ambassador denied US Secretary of State John Kerry’s possible visit to Algiers, stressing that “the US embassy is responsible of announcing US officials visit to Algeria.”

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