Upper house members at counterterrorism conference in Brussels

APS : Wednesday, 02 May 2018
ALGIERS- Council of the Nation (upper house of Parliament) will attend Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium, a conference organized by the international Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law,
in collaboration with the European Union (EU), on the “relationship between MPs and criminal justice actors in the fight against terrorism,” the Algerian parliamentary institution said in a statement.
The conference is meant to provide support to “MPS’ efforts in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism on the basis of Valetta’s recommendations, made at an international counterterrorism summit in Malta.
It is also intended for the development of a guide for members of Parliament that determines their responsibilities in the fight against terrorism, within the framework of the rule of law.
Algeria will be represented in the conference by Senator Noureddine Belatrache, the statement concluded.

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