UN/Civil service: Algeria starts ICSC’s presidency

APS : Wednesday, 02 January 2019
NEW YORK- Algeria has started officially on Wednesday the presidency of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), a mandate that it intends to devote to the revitalization of this independent body,
established by the United Nations General Assembly.
Larbi Djacta, a career diplomat from the post-independence generation, will chair this important commission for four years.
The Algerian diplomat was elected in November 2018 at the head of this important body, the United Nations’ most important place for budget consultations, where the strategy related to the use of UN human resources to serve peace and development is elaborated.
During his mandate which will last until 2022, Djacta will work for the strengthening of the achievements of the staffs of the international civil service to preserve the synergetic dynamic between the fair evolution of their career plans and the need for effectiveness and efficiency assigned to the United Nations’ action, exclusively for peace and development.

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