UN hails Algeria's commitment to implementing SDGs

ALGIERS- United Nations Resident Coordinator Eric Overvest on Wednesday has hailed Algeria’s commitment to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in accordance with the UN 2030 Agenda.
“I would like to underline Algeria’s commitment to the SDGs implementation at the national, regional and international levels,” Overvest said during a meeting with representatives of national media.
In this regard, he praised the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the inter-ministerial Committee for the implementation of 17 goals in Algeria.
Overvest said that the UN system has developed a technical support programme within the inter-ministerial Committee aiming at raising awareness of the importance of the SDGs and involving stakeholders in their implementation, including the SDGs in the national development policies, assessing and monitoring their implementation by the Algerian government, and promoting South-South cooperation.
“Since the independence of Algeria, we have provided our support and expertise to the Algerian Government,” he recalled.
In this respect, he said that the 14 UN agencies, programmes and funds present in Algeria, in addition to 11 other non-residents, have supported the national development strategies in different fields, as part of a strategic partnership for a sustainable socioeconomic development.
“It is an ambitious long-term programme for peace and security, improving living conditions of peoples, protecting the planet and eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, in accordance with the UN Charter and values,” said Overvest.
The programme will also help improving health and education, ensuring sustainable and decent jobs and combating climate change, gender inequalities, violence against women and girls, through a comprehensive partnership for “the promotion of efficient institutions and the support of good governance.”
The UN system in Algeria has held a meeting with the press, the first of its kind, with a view to getting closer to national media and better explaining the role and mission of the UN agencies in Algeria.

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