UN General Assembly: Algeria elected vice-chair of third Committee

APS : Tuesday, 06 October 2020

NEW YORK- Algeria was elected by acclamation on Monday, in New York, the vice-chair of the third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in charge of social, humanitarian and cultural affairs, including human rights issues.

This important committee deals with varied issues related to the social development, women promotion, child protection, refugee assistance, racial discrimination, the right to self-determination and the protection of human rights and basic freedoms.

The Committee examines also issues related to young people, families, elderly, disabled people, crime prevention, penal justice and also international drug control.

This Committee’s works usually culminate in the adoption of resolutions or decisions with major impact on the issues related to development, human rights promotion and humanitarian assistance.

This election definitely reflects the member States’ trust in Algeria and in its recognized capacities to further this committee’s programme of work.

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