U.K. ambassador to Libya: Algeria’s efforts to settle Libyan crisis, “excellent”

APS : Wednesday, 22 March 2017
ALGIERS- British ambassador to Libya Peter Millett said Wednesday, in Algiers, that Algeria’s efforts to settle the crisis in Libya are excellent because it is in contact with all the Libyan parties.
“Algeria’s efforts to settle the Libyan crisis are excellent. Algeria must play a role in the settlement of the crisis in Libya and it is the case, because it is contact with all the Libyan parties, all the Libyans,” said Millet at the end of an audience granted to him by the minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and the Arab League Abdelkader Messahel.
The meeting was an opportunity for both sides to “discuss the situation in Libya and the ways to cooperate in order to bring peace and stability to Libya. We share goals with Algeria, particularly that of bringing peace and encouraging a political solution.”
“We also discussed how we could fight terrorism and illegal immigration together, and how we could help Libyans find a Libyan solution without foreign interference,” he said, adding that the crisis in Libya will have negative effects on the region and Europe, including the U.K.
Furthermore, the British diplomat expressed his wish to see cooperation and discussions between Algeria and the U.K. perpetuate in order to bring peace and stability to Libya.

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