Tour of Messahel in Libya on agenda of Kobler’s visit to Algiers

APS : Wednesday, 26 April 2017
ALGIERS- The tour of Minister of Maghreb Affairs, African Union and Arab League Abdelakader Messahel, recently in Libya, was Wednesday on the agenda of the talks between Messahel and the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General for Libya Martin Kobler,
who underlined the importance to meet the Libyans inside their country.
“Messahel is a friend whose wisdom and advice I appreciate. We talked about his tour in Libya and I think that it is very important to strengthen the message that there is only the political dialogue which matters. There is no military solution,” said Kobler, following his meeting with Messahel.
After stressing the need to talk directly to the Libyans in their country, Kobler said that he came today from Tripoli where he was informed about Messahel’s visit and his meetings with Libyan personalities.
“People were very grateful for his visit and it gave them hope, because the most important is not to talk about Libya outside Libya but to go there and speak directly with the people, the politicians and youths. It is the first time where a politician from a bordering country makes a tour and speaks with the Libyans.”
In this regard, Kobler expressed particularly his “gratitude” to Algeria’s policy and Minister Messahel to “support the United Nations’ process.”
“I am not talking about an Algerian initiative but about Algeria’s efforts to support a process and implement a Libyan political agreement,” said Kobler.
“We have noticed a certain deadlock and some articles of the Libyan political agreement must be changed,” he added, calling to “support the United Nations.”
“This should be a process of the United Nations. We have many initiatives, but I think that the policy of Algeria and Minister Messahel to support the United Nations process is very important.”

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