The Ambassador’s Word

H.E.Mrs. Latifa BENAZZA, Ambassador of Algeria in Sofia
H.E.Mrs. Latifa BENAZZA, Ambassador of Algeria in Sofia

To all the Embassy’s website visitors, Bulgarians and others, I would like to extend my warm welcome and express my sincere thanks for taking the time to take a glance at Algeria.

I am honored to be an ambassador to a country like Bulgaria, due to the excellent quality of our political relations and long-lived friendship between our two nations.
Today, Algeria – Bulgaria relations are marked by an excellent level of political dialogue. Democratic change and economic reforms launched in both countries have given a new impetus to bilateral economic cooperation. Algeria and Bulgaria seek to unlock the full potential of cooperation and partnership opportunities in all economic sectors to the benefit of the two nations in a way to live up to the expectations of both countries.
As ambassador of my country, I feel it is my duty is to put all my energy and passion in the achievement of new positive results in terms of bilateral relations in the political, economic, and cultural fields, working in close cooperation with Bulgarian authorities. I remain open to all good initiatives that may contribute to the enrichment and enlargement of the excellent relations between Algeria and Bulgaria.

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