Sub-Saharan migrants: Algeria strongly denies NGOs allegations that it fails in its duties

APS : Thursday, 24 May 2018
ALGIERS- Algeria has strongly denied allegations of some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that it has failed in its international obligations of solidarity towards sub-Saharan migrants,
said Thursday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“Algeria has been the subject, for several weeks, of a malicious campaign by some NGOs, which wrongly accused Algeria that it has failed in its duties towards sub-Saharan migrants, in terms of solidarity, reception and hospitality,” said the communiqué.
“Algeria strongly denies these serious allegations which obviously aim to undermine its image and its relations with its southern neighbours, with which it is linked by strong relations based on mutual respect, solidarity, and common destiny,” said the Ministry.
“Algeria, which is a party to the main international and regional human rights instruments, has not only scrupulously fulfilled, in all circumstances, its international obligations but also enshrined in its Constitution, the principle of non-discrimination between its citizens and foreign nationals living legally on its territory, as they enjoy the protection of their persons and property,” added the communiqué.
“Algeria, land of hospitality for all those persecuted in their countries, will remain faithful to its long traditions of hospitality and generosity, which are dear to the Algerian people, who experienced during colonization dispossession, deculturation and exile,” said the Ministry’s communiqué.
Faced with the phenomenon of illegal migration, which has reached an unprecedented scale over the past years, “Algeria, like all countries affected by this universal phenomenon, has taken measures, in accordance with the law and its international obligations, to ensure the security and the wellbeing of both Algerian citizens and foreign nationals living in Algeria,” added the communiqué.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlined that measures to escort some illegal migrants back to the border has been indeed taken and implemented with the respect for the dignity and human rights of the persons concerned and in close consultation with the States they came from.
“Illegal migration could be effectively curbed only by addressing the root causes of the exile of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children and by resolutely fighting networks of people smugglers, who exploit human distress of these migrants,” stressed the Foreign Ministry’s communiqué.

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