Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Palestine

Algeria expresses its firm condemnation and deep indignation against the ongoing flagrant and provocative violations committed daily by the Zionist occupying forces in the Gaza Strip, including Monday’s attack targeting the headquarters of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza describing it as another violation and defiance of the provisions and norms of the international law, contradicting the principles and humanitarian values that call for guaranteeing the protection of civilians and not targeting civilian and humanitarian buildings.

This aggression act on a humanitarian facility for reconstructing what was destroyed by the unjust Zionist occupier is damning evidence of the intention of this entity. The latter knows merely the language of stubbornness and destruction to bury any possibility of peace or dialogue capable of ending its incessant aggression.

Algeria, which expresses its full solidarity with the Palestinian brothers and the brotherly State of Qatar following this heinous aggression, reiterates that the responsibility to stop the Zionist aggression and ensure the protection of the Palestinian people lies entirely with the Security Council. It cannot evade this responsibility and the consequences of its inability to act to end this injustice against the Palestinian people, which in no way can be justified.

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