Sonelgaz, Libya’s GECOL seal new cooperation agreement

APS : Sunday, 27 December 2020

ALGIERS-Sonelgaz Group and Libya’s Général Electric Company (GECOL) on Sunday sealed a new agreement broadening cooperation between the two companies to the production, transport and distribution of gas,
announced CEO Chaher Boulekhras.
A Libyan diplomat at the embassy of Libya in Algeria Mohamed El-Jlidi attended the signing ceremony.
This new cooperation agreement follows the one previously signed between the two groups in the field of production. It is now broadened to the transport and distribution of gas and electricity, renewable energy and training, said Boulekhras.
“As for renewable energy, Sonelgaz is experienced in the engineering, maintenance and exploitation of plants. We will also develop this cooperation and extend it to training and services,” said the CEO.
According to Sonelgaz CEO, this win-win cooperation is an opportunity to present the opportunities provided by the two companies.
“In the coming days, we will create an effective working group tasked with several cooperation fields. In the short term, this group will work on the basis of sustainable cooperation,” he continued.
Chairman of GECOL Board of Directors Wiam El-Abdeli stated that this cooperation is part of ongoing discussions between both companies’ teams following the visit made by Sonelgaz technicians in last October to repair and refurbish Khoms power plant in Libya with a capacity of 500 MW in less than 10 days.
He welcomed the support provided by the teams of Sonelgaz to “their Libyan brothers to deal with the country’s electricity production deficit.”
Sonelgaz staff dispatched to Libya in October received prizes
In response to a question about the connection of marginalized areas to electricity and gas networks, Boulekhras said that the first statistics showed 3,700 ones countrywide and nearly 4000 unconnected to gas networks.
In 2020, more than 1,800 marginalized areas were connected to electricity and gas networks. “Before this project started, Sonelgaz had pre-financed connection projects countrywide,” said Boulakhras.
During the signing ceremony, Sonelgaz staff dispatched to Libya in October received prizes in recognition of their efforts.

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