Settlement of crisis in Mali: M5 Movement leader commends Algeria’s efforts

APS : Saturday, 26 September 2020

ALGIERS-Leader of the Malian Movement M5 Imam Mahmoud Dicko on Saturday commended the efforts Algeria spent to settle the crisis in Mali and called Algeria’s stance since the beginning of this crisis “honourable.”
“I thank Algeria and the Algerian Government, headed by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, for the brotherly and friendly efforts spent in favour of the Malian people and we appreciate them,” Dicko told the Algerian Radio.
After emphasizing “the quality of relations between the two peoples and countries,” he assured that “Algeria’s position is honourable and respectable since the beginning of the crisis Mali goes through and we hail the stance of the Algerian people and Government on behalf of the Malian people.”
The leader of the Malian Movement M5 said that Algeria played a “key” role in the implementation of the provisions of the Algiers Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali.
“I also hail the support of Algeria to the resolution of the crisis in Mali,” he continued.

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