Security: Algeria, "key player" at regional and international level

APS : Thursday, 03 May 2018
BRUSSELS – Algeria remains a regional and international “key player” for security, said Thursday the European Commission which “welcomed” its contribution to stabilizing its immediate neighborhood and its “significant”
role of mediator in the Malian and Libyan crisis.
“Algeria remains a key player at regional and international level in security. The sustained effort,… of modernization of equipments, as well as the large security forces Algeria possesses helped the country to efficiently counter the terrorist threats,” said the EU Commission in its report published on Thursday on the state of progress on the EU-Algeria relations, ahead of the 11th EU-Algeria Association Council in Brussels.
Even if the security situation in Algeria “remains stable,” the authorities continue to conduct operations against the “remnants of terrorism” in several regions of the country, said the EU in its report, noting that the evolution of the Libyan crisis and the complex situation in the Sahel region brought the People’s National Army (ANP) to deploy supplementary security forces at border regions.
Speaking about the regional crises, the EU said that the “Algerian government closely follows the evolution” of these crises, with the aim of “facilitating a solution contributing to stabilizing its immediate neighborhood, notably in the Sahel”.

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