Russia-Arab World cooperation forum: Security, stability top prorities

APS : Tuesday, 16 April 2019
MOSCOW-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum on Wednesday underlined the “priority” character of the issues of security and stability given the crisis shaking Arab countries.
Speaking at the 5th Russia-Arab World ministerial meeting Tuesday, Boukadoum said that “the issues of security and stability top priorities given the crisis shaking the Arab world, hence the need for compliance with the constant principles of international law.”
“Algeria has always advocated compliance with international principles, notably non-interference in the country’s internal affairs, peoples’ right to self-determination, the adoption of dialogue and political solutions to international conflicts as well as dialogue and reconciliation for the settlement of crisis,” recalled Boukadoum.
The Algerian FM welcomed the “traditional qualitative” political dialogue between Arab countries and the Federation of Russia, a dialogue based on the “permanent solidarity” that has always marked the Russian position about just Arab causes, and in the first place, the Palestinian issue.”
The settlement of tensions and conflicts in the Middle East “relies on a just and comprehensive solution to the sufferings of the Palestinian people. Peace cannot be achieved in the face of the actions of the Israeli occupier aimed at circumventing the decisions of international legality and signed charts to Judaize the city of al-Quds, and its attempts to erase Islamic and Christian monuments,” stressed Boukadoum.
“A possible peace initiative has been recently discussed to give fresh hope to the Middle East because some actions come in a sensitive period coinciding with some unilateral decisions that do not serve peace and do not comply with international legality,” stated the FM who referred to “the decision taken by the US administration to transfer its embassy to al-Quds and the decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the occupied Arab Golan.”
Algeria remains convinced that any solution to the Palestinian issue must rely on the establishment of an independent Palestinian State on the basis of the 1967 borders, with al-Quds as capital, in accordance with international legality,” affirmed Boukadoum.
Reiterating Algeria’s full support to the Palestinian people’s struggle to recover their legitimate rights, Boukadoum urged Palestinians to “unify their ranks” in the best of their countries’ interests.
As for the Libya crisis, the FM stressed that political solution “is the only option to address it” in accordance with the United Nations-led process aimed at resolving the crisis in this country without interference in its internal affairs, a process likely to enable Libya preserve its unity, sovereignty, security and stability.
Boukadoum called for “wisdom and avoiding any military escalation likely to undermine the crisis settlement process” and reiterated Algeria’s faith in the ability of Libyans to overcome conflicts and place the interest of their homeland “above any other consideration.”
Regarding the crisis in Syria, the FM recalled Algeria’s stance in favour of a political solution based on dialogue and reconciliation, the only options likely to preserve Syria’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and social cohesion.
In this regard, Boukadoum emphasized Algeria’s support to the UN envoy to reach a peaceful solution “resulting from a constructive dialogue between various Syrians parties” and its support to the brotherly Syrian people in their efforts to combat terrorism and recover stability.
As regards the Golan, the FM reiterated Algeria’s “unshakable” position considering the Syrian Golan as an occupied Arab territory, in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council and international legality.
Algeria “rejects” any decision recognizing the Israeli occupation in this region, he continued.
Turing into Yemen, the FM recalled Algeria’s efforts to the UN envoy to this country in order to find a political solution that unifies the Yemenite people and ends the humanitarian crisis they are facing.
I hope that “Yemenite belligerents will implement the results of their last talks in Stockholm and will work to create conditions conducive to the re-launch of the political solution,” stated Boukadoum.
The FM also referred to combating terrorism, extremist ideas, cross-border organized crime as well as illegal arms, human and drugs trafficking.
These issues require combined efforts to address them through a comprehensive approach compliant with international legality, he affirmed.

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