Russia, Algeria: Similarities, convergences of views in various fields (Sputnik)

APS : Saturday, 20 January 2018
MOSCOW- Russia and Algeria have a “cooperation dating back several years, and share common positions in many areas: diplomacy, trade, geopolitical, and counterterrorism,” said Saturday, Sputnik news agency.
In its “opinion” column, the author of the article Mikhail Gamandiy-Evgorov said that after the famous 1990s, chaotic for both countries: the collapse of the USSR, and the war against terrorism during the same period for Algeria, the two nations now find themselves in a power position: Algeria at the regional and continental level, and Russia at the global level. The support for national sovereignty of States, and the multi-polar concept of world governance considerably bring together Algiers and Moscow.”
“Beyond a lasting alliance, said the author, there are also facts that confirm a certain similarity between the two nations.”
One thing is certain: the biggest country in the world and the biggest in Africa in terms of geographic area have used all means when it comes to defending sovereignty and national security. Great patriotic war for Russia against the Nazis: with the biggest sacrifices globally, civilian and military. On the other hand, Algeria has its long independence war, won at the cost of countless victims, added the author.
For Mikhail Gamandiy-Evgorov, “if the Algerian foreign policy were to be described in one word, it would definitely be summarized by the following: independence.”

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