Resolution of crises and counterterrorism: Algeria, Russia agree to strengthen cooperation

APS : Tuesday, 01 March 2016

ALGIERS- Algeria and Russia on Monday agreed to intensify the exchange of information for the peaceful resolution of crises shaking some Arab countries and strengthen their cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism.
“We have agreed with President Bouteflika to intensify our dialogue through confidential information channels as regards the situation in the North of Africa and the Middle East,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov following the audience granted to him by President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
“It was very precious for us to listen to the analyses of President Bouteflika and the members of the Algerian Government of the situation in Libya, which is suffering from a deep crisis,” said Lavrov, adding that this situation is the consequence of the “illegitimate operation perpetrated by the NATO.”
Lavrov also underlined that “the consequences of the situation in Libya are felt everywhere, especially in the Sahel region where there is a real risk of destabilization due mainly to trafficking of weapons coming from this country.”
“Our common position consists in rebuilding Libya through a national inclusive dialogue with the participation of all political and military forces in this country,” he added.
The Russian Foreign minister said that he also discussed the situation in the Middle East with President Bouteflika, who “fully supports the policy adopted by Russia for a united front against terrorism in line with the initiative proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations General Assembly last September.”
“President Bouteflika also supports Russia policy for the settlement of the situation in Syria, especially the activities of the international support group in Syria, co-chaired by Russia and the United States,” he added.
Lavrov called for the “full implementation of the decisions made by the international support group in Syria without any condition.”
“We were unanimous regarding the fight against terrorism, extremism and violence in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen,” he said.
As regards relations between Algeria and Russia, Lavrov said that the two countries expressed their commitment to the declaration on strategic partnership signed in 2001 during the visit of President Bouteflika to Moscow.
“We have defined plans and concrete projects in trade, economic and military-technical cooperation areas and proposed concrete forms of cooperation between the ministries and business community of the two countries,” he added.
Lavrov said that a “special attention” is attached to energy cooperation, underlining the “long-standing relations between the Russian companies and the Algerian hydrocarbon company SONATRACH.”
“President Bouteflika also expressed the willingness of the Algerian Government to cooperate with Russia within the Forum of Gas Exporting Countries and to hold regular consultation on the situation of the global hydrocarbon market,” added Lavrov.
“I am convinced that the outcomes of the visit to Algeria will help to further strengthen the existing strategic partnership between Russia and Algeria,” he concluded.

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