Regional security: Algeria, EU’s “strategic partner”

APS : Monday, 12 November 2018
ALGIERS-Algeria is a strategic partner of the European Union (EU) which plays a “role” in the resolution of regional crisis, affirmed Monday in Algiers the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs
and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini.
“Algeria is a strategic partner of the EU both bilaterally and through its regional action and influence,” stated Mogherini at the 2ndsession of the EU-Algeria high-level on regional security and counterterrorism.
According to Mogherini, the challenges posed by common neighbouring make Algeria and the EU “privileged partners” in security-related issues.
“I hail the role of Algeria in the resolution of regional crisis and its willingness to cooperate with the EU, under multilateralism, in issues of common interest,” said Mogherini who stressed that Algeria “is a leading partner” in regional security.
“It is no longer possible to distinguish between security in the North and South of the Mediterranean. Both sides must work together to stabilize crisis areas and ensure stability and security in the region,” said the EU top diplomat.
“I am particularly interested in analyzing the situation in the Maghreb and Sahel regions, which are priority areas under our common action,” affirmed Mogherini.
For the EU official, this new session of dialogue, launched in October 2017 in Brussels, “is an excellent opportunity” to discuss and further boost regional cooperation between Algeria and Europe, and address terrorism, organized crime and smuggling.
“Today’s meeting is the second of a long series of positive meetings that are particularly important for the security of Algerian and European citizens,” said the EU official.
The meeting is also an “excellent opportunity” to discuss other issues, including cyber-terrorism, deradicalization and the prevention of radicalization.

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