Rate of school enrollment reaches 98% on national level

APS : Monday, 25 January 2016
ADRAD (Algeria)- the rate of school enrollment reached 98 percent on the national level said Monday, in Adrar, the minister of National Education, Nouria Benghebrit.
Algeria identified, under the 2015-2016 school year, a complement of more than 8.5 million students, including 49% of girls, spread across 26,200 educational institutions supervised by more than 400,000 teachers, said Benghebrit, at the opening of a study day on non-educated children held at Hakkoum Laid high school.
The minister of Education said that her department works, through a series of arrangements, to ensure the schooling of children until the age of the end of compulsory education to allow them to acquire knowledge that gives them the right to work and be trained at the level of institutions upon leaving school.
The teaching system aims at paving the way to success to students and the diversification of sectors of sciences and knowledge, to serve society and development, she underlined.

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