Proclamation of Day of Living Together in Peace, recognition of Algeria’s role in promoting peace

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika said on Tuesday in a message, on the occasion of the celebration of the “International Day of Living Together in Peace,”
that the proclamation of this day is recognition of Algeria’s role in promoting peace.
“The proclamation of this day reflects the international community’s recognition of the steadily and successfully exerted efforts by our country for promoting the culture of peace, dialogue, mutual respect and tolerance among its own citizens,” said the Head of State in his message.
The “International Day of Living Together in Peace- on May 16th of every year” was proclaimed on December 8, 2017 by the UN General Assembly, at the initiative of the International Sufi Association Alawiyya, with the support of its country, Algeria.
This initiative, added the President of the Republic, “is driven by the moral, cultural, social and human values to which our moderate people are deeply attached, and expresses as much the strong commitment of our people to these universal values which should guide the relations among the nations and the peoples of the whole world.”
He added that this proclamation translates “the commitment of both Algeria and the international community” to work more to promote the culture of peace and dialogue both within societies and among nations, at a time when break and dividing factors are multiplying.”
Algeria, stressed President Bouteflika, “has always advocated the promotion of dialogue, understanding and cooperation among religions and cultures, drawing its references on the precepts of our Holy Religion, Islam,” a religion that “preaches peace and coexistence as shown by centuries of mankind history, across continents.”
The only worthwhile objective of the national reconciliation policy is “strengthening the national unity, consolidating the cohesion of our people, protecting our national sovereignty and building, together in an approach of solidarity, a modern Algeria to which each and every one of us is proud to belong,” said the President of the Republic.
It is in this spirit that the “constituents of the national identity- Islam, Arabity and Tamazight- “were “clearly” inscribed in the Constitution, which shields them from any political exploitation.
In this very Constitution, was inscribed “the promotion of the economic, social and cultural policies through inclusiveness and social justice, as well as territorial development strategies guided by an fair distribution of opportunities, national wealth and the subsequently generated prosperity,” said the Head of the State.

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