President Tebboune’s initiative for settlement of Niger crisis based on six points

The minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, said Tuesday in Algiers that the initiative of the president of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune for the political settlement of the crisis in Niger was based on six points, and was part of a vision ensuring the respect of the principle of rejection of unconstitutional changes as well as the adoption by all parties of the peaceful option, without any military intervention.

In a conference, held at the Abdellatif-Rahal International Conference Centre of Algiers, on the ongoing developments in the Sahel region, in general, and the Republic of Niger, in particular, Attaf stressed the need to give priority to a political solution and not resort to force considering the disastrous repercussions of such an option on Niger and the whole region.

Elaborating on President Tebboune’s initiative, Attaf said it was aimed at “strengthening the principle of rejection of unconstitutional changes and the definition of a six-month deadline for the implementation of a political solution leading to the restoration of the constitutional and democratic order in Niger, through the resumption of political action as part of the rule of law.”

Regarding the political arrangements for a way out of crisis, the initiative “requires the involvement and approval of all parties in Niger, without any exclusion, the arrangements should be carried out within a deadline of six months, supervised by a civil authority, led by a consensual figure, accepted by all political factions in Niger to succeed in restoring the constitutional order in the country,” Attaf said.

Attaf added that Algeria’s political approach is to provide the appropriate guarantees to all the concerned parties in order to “ensure the sustainability of the political solution and its approval by all.”

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