President Tebboune returns to Algiers


ALGIERS – President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune arrived in Algiers on Tuesday, after he has received medical treatment in a large specialized hospital in Germany,

following his contamination with Covid-19.

Upon his arrival, the President of the Republic was greeted by interim President of the Council of the Nation (Upper House), Salah Goudjil, Speaker of the National People’s Assembly (APN-Lower House) Slimane Chenine, President of the Constitutional Council, Kamel Fenniche, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, and Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army (ANP), Lieutenant-General of the Army, Saïd Chanegriha and the Principal Private Secretary at the Presidency of the Republic, Noureddine Baghdad Daidj.

In a brief statement, President Tebboune said that “being far from homeland is particularly difficult, especially for someone who holds a senior position.”
After thanking Allah the Almighty for his return to the country, recovered from the disease, the President of the Republic assured that he is nearing complete healing.
“I wish the Algerian people all the best and a new year full of joy, especially for the needy,” added the Head of State, who assured that the Algerian State is still committed to supporting this fringe of the society.

All the state institutions, chiefly the National People’s Army (ANP), worthy heir to the National Liberation Army, are mobilized for this purpose,
he stressed.
At the end of his speech, President Tebboune wished that the New Year 2021 be much better than the one that draws to a close.

On October 24, the medical staff of the Presidency of the Republic recommended to President Tebboune to go into a five-day voluntary isolation, after noting that several senior officials of the Presidency of the Republic and the government had symptoms of Covid-19.

On October 27, the Head of State was admitted to the Central Army Hospital in Ain Naadja, Algiers. On October 28th, on the recommendation of the medical staff, he had been transferred to Germany for “thorough medical examinations”.
The medical staff had indicated, the day after his transfer, that President Tebboune, after extensive medical examinations had received adequate treatment in accordance with sanitary protocol.
The President of the Republic spoke to the Algerians on December 13, from his place of convalescence in Germany, to reassure them about his health condition, affirming that he would return to the country in the next few days.

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