President Tebboune: Algeria to work “tirelessly” to support peace and security efforts in Africa

APS : Sunday, 09 February 2020

ADDIS-ABABA (Ethiopia) – Algeria will work “tirelessly” to support the efforts aimed at the establishment of peace and security in Africa, President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, said on Sunday in Addis Ababa.

“Our successful experience confirms our conviction that resolving the crises in our continent requires a peaceful solution, all-inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation, far from any foreign interference. Starting from this deep conviction, Algeria will always work tirelessly to support efforts aimed at the establishment of peace and security in Africa,” said President Tebboune in his address at the 33rd ordinary session of the African Union’s Heads of State and Government held in the Ethiopian capital.

“We will continue to support initiatives designed to resolve the conflicts, defending the just causes of peoples fighting to regain their fundamental rights and the exercise of their rights to self-determination, mainly the Palestinians,” he said.

“On all these matters, Algeria has constantly contributed, in multiple manners, to the efforts aiming the establishment of durable stability in Africa, particularly in the Sahel region, whether at the bilateral level or through mechanisms such as the Joint Operational Army Staffs Committee (CEMOC) or the Fusion and Liaison Unit (UFL) or through the African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT),” said the head of state.

President Tebboune announced that “Algeria’s contribution will be reinforced within the coming months, through the above mechanisms, as well as its role in the implementation of the Peace Agreement in Mali.”

“We are determined to further contribute to building peace and national reconciliation process in Mali and to work to remove obstacles which may hinder the application of the Mali Peace Agreement, resulting from the Algiers process,” he argued.

= Algeria for the end of all interference in Libya =

Speaking about Libya, with which Algeria shares a long border and a common destiny, the Head of State said that the situation in this country “continues to arouse anxiety in Algeria”, calling it “grave.”
“The brotherly Libyan people do not deserve the suffering they endure today. This is why, Algeria, faithful to its diplomatic tradition, offered to host dialogue between the Libyan brothers, as stated in Berlin and, recently, in Brazzaville, during the summit of the AU Level High Committee on Libya, held under the patronage of my brother President Denis Sassou Nguesso,” said the Head of State.

“Algeria, which calls for the end of all attempts of interference in Libya, strongly supports the continuous efforts to end hostilities and to create the conditions for dialogue between the Libyan brothers, the sole means to finding a solution to the crisis and to prevent this African country from being the scene of rivalries of States.”

Broaching the Sahel crisis, he described it as “sad and regrettable illustration”, noting that “the already fragile stability in countries, such as Mali, suddenly deteriorated in the aftermath of the crisis in Libya. Niger also did not escape to the deadly attacks on his army. ”
He indicated that with the resurgence of bloody terrorist attacks in Burkina Faso and other attempted attacks in Sahel countries, instability spread throughout the Sahel despite the courageous efforts of these countries.

President Tebboune also reiterated Algeria’s solidarity with the countries of the Lake Chad Basin which are facing the subversive acts of Boko Haram, with the help of
the Multinational Joint Force.
“I also welcome the initiatives taken recently to develop strategies to combat terrorism in the Sahel. These initiatives cover all military, political, economical and diplomatic aspects,” he added.

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